How To Alleviate Pain Without Drugs

There are techniques in yoga and meditation that will help get rid of pain and we show you how here. What we need to assure you is that these are simple techniques which can be learned and practiced by anyone – they don’t take up too much time either.

Though it is an age old practice, it is very much in use today as well and people from all over the world swear by it. This may be used for the purpose of spirituality, religiousness or relaxation and leads to a feeling of peace and immense calm for the body and soul.

The path to meditation can be through music, through chants or even through silence. The focus could be on some object close by or you could focus on the breaths that you take as they go in and out of your body. Irrespective of the approach used, you need a silent and peaceful environment to practice it besides a regular uninterrupted time on your daily schedule.

Next, you are going to select the object that you want to focus on, like a certain phrase or word or maybe even your breath or a physical object, then you will should yourself into a comfortable position – not supine or you might fall asleep. The main goal is to master a mindfulness state, where you are able to be completely aware of everything that is going on around you, but you are detached from all of your immediate surroundings, similar to a light state of trance.

In the two deeper states, however, the mind becomes progressively more tranquil and still. Among several religions, meditation is a very important spiritual practice, which includes Jewish, Sufism and Christian mystical tradition.

When it is used within the actual context of the teachings of Buddhism, it can be an indication of directing or controlling one’s mind inward in an actual quest for enlightenment. Although it can be performed in any position including standing, sitting, walking or lying down, the sitting position or ‘zazen’, is the most recommended.

There are so many benefits that accrue when you meditate and the physical as well as psychological ones have been documented by Herbert Benson, a Harvard professor in a study.

All you need is as little as twenty minutes a day in order to feel the difference in your health – including your blood pressure, tension, breathing and heart performance. On attaining a deep state, mental pictures, swirls of color or a voice speaking internally may arise.

Studies have been done to prove the efficacy of meditation in relieving stress-related illnesses as well as pain and mental diseases like depression.

With better awareness comes a better state of health and you will find that your functioning – whether physical, mental, emotional or psychological – is so much more enhanced and healthy.

Though traditional use of meditation was to be seen in spiritual well being, recent popularity is due to its ability to relieve stress and achieve a relaxed tranquil state of mind in the midst of the rat-race. When you combine yoga and meditation, you will find it a perfect recipe to help you lead a life without stress and tension.

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