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Do Your Customers Trust You?

Beginner affiliate marketer think that if they post their affiliate link that the sales will come rolling in automatically.  The problem is that people who see that link need to trust the person making the recommendation.  If not, then the affiliate business becomes a task of continually seeking out new customers and never building a relationship with existing customers.  When your customers don’t have any trust in you, then you are missing out on making repeat sales to people who have already been to your website.

Once a person begins the process of gathering information on the product you are selling, it should be easy for them to navigate your site, find links, read your reviews, etc.  First time visitors will click away quickly if they get snagged in finding what they want.

Remember, people like to buy from people.  If you don’t connect with your customer, then your site or email becomes just another ad thrown at them and they have no reason to prefer buying from you.  Look at even the big online sellers like Amazon.  They even try to personalize your visit so you enjoy buying from them.  Otherwise, customers  will only price shop they will feel no sense of loyalty.  One way you can add the personal touch to your site, is to include your contact information and maybe some more information on your “About Us” page.

One highly effective way to gain the trust of your potential customer is to add testimonials on your website and other marketing materials.  People want to hear that others have had success with your product, and satisfied customers indicate that you are a trustworthy person.

Make yourself stand out from other affiliate marketers by giving more to your customers.  Give them more information about the product.  Show them a video on how to use it.  Make the sales process easy.  Be sure your customers can use their credit cards on a secure site.

As an affiliate marketer, most complaints will go to the actual producer of the product, but you should let your customer know you are available to help resolve any issues if necessary.  When a site visitor feels safe then you are going to make more sales.

Building trust with your customers means explaining the products you are selling, being available, answering their concerns and helping if their are problems.  It really is a mindset of serving your customers.  When they know you care about doing the right thing, they will return again and again.